Ranking Member, House Ways and Means Sub-committee on Worker and Family Support

Member, Sub-Committee on Health


Congressman Danny K. Davis endorsed CB Johnson for Alderman, 29th Ward.  Here are CB Johnson's pledges to the 29th Ward, of which Congressman Davis is a resident:

 ·         I will be a full-time Alderman.

·         I will be actively involved in the city council debate.

·         I will hold regular meetings in every area of the ward.

·         I will follow the desires of residents on zoning matters.

·         I will work to help organize a block club on every block.

·         I will help develop small businesses.

·         I will make sure that city service needs are regularly met. Potholes, speed bumps, garbage and refuse collection, rodent control, tree trimming, ice and snow removal, abandoned buildings, etc.

·         I will ensure safety for senior citizens, children going to school, mail men and women making deliveries will be a top priority. Safety for other delivery persons will be a major concern.

·         I will organize advisory groups to monitor crime and public safety.

·         I will meet with clergy and faith leaders regularly.

·         I will organize and meet with youth regularly.

Dear Friend,

I take this opportunity to thank you for the political support you have given to me and my efforts down through the years and I am confident that as a result the world is a better place in which to live.

Chicago is undergoing political change and I am involved in some of those efforts because I think it is time for a different kind of leadership in the area where I live which is the 29th ward.

Therefore, I am supporting a candidate for Alderman and ask that you support his campaign.  CB Johnson is a grassroots organizer who will speak up and speak out. He will devote serious time to being an Alderman, working with community groups, block clubs and local churches.

CB is aware of your issues because they impact his 85 year old mother and whatever he can do to help, he will.  I wish you the best!

In addition to the video release, Women for Davis, led by Mary Gardner, women of color, and of all ages held a press conference endorsing Congressman Danny K. Davis for Congress.


Women for Davis reenforced Congressman Davis’ experience, leadership, and community engagement.  As it relates to how Davis responds to policy issues, Women for Davis pointed out that the following organizations gave Davis high marks including the:


·         Federally Employed Women (in the Workplace)

·         Planned Parenthood (Reproductive Rights)

·         American Association of University Women (Voting Rights for Women)

·         NARAL (pro-choice America)


Also, for several years in a row, the First Focus Campaign for Children has named Congressman Danny K. Davis as a “Champion” for children.  Davis has worked to secure over $1 billion dollars in anti-violence and domestic violence against women, human trafficking, and other programs in the 7th Congressional District.


The Speaker's Speak:  Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Speaker Chris Welch Endorse Congressman Danny K. Davis.

Mayor Lori E. Lightfoot Endorses Congressman Danny K. Davis

Most Recent Endorsements:


Thank you Congressional Progressive Pac for your endorsement. We share many of the same values and we all work so that marginalized communities all over the United States can live the best quality of life. 



State’s Largest Gun Safety PAC Endorses Congressman Danny Davis

Cites proven record of courageous leadership

ASPIRE:  Asian Americans & Pacific Islanders Rising & Empowering
Congressman Danny K. Davis is joined by Chairman Hakeem Jeffries, Democratic Caucus Chair, and Commissioner Dennis Deer.

Gun Violence Prevention Day is everyday

Everyday should be Gun Violence Prevention Day.  Gun violence is a public health issue especially for black males and their families.  The CDC reported that in 2020, the leading cause of death for black males between the ages of 15 and 34 was homicide by firearm.

In Chicago, black males top the list of individuals likely to die violently. 

This year alone, of the 222 homicides 79% were black males. 

In 2021, of the 793 homicides, 73% were black males;

In 2020, of the 775 homicides 91% were  black males. 

Of the 792 homicides in 2016, one of those individuals was my grandson.

My family and I are still suffering from his tragic death due to gun violence. Preventing gun violence is one of the most pressing issues of our time.  And, for anyone saying that I haven’t done enough, are just wrong, wrong, wrong.

For several years in a row, since 2013, I have introduced the Gun Violence Prevention and Safe Communities Act to deter gun violence through the House Committee I serve on, which is Ways and Means.  I have also co-sponsored over 1200-gun control pieces of legislation, supported legislation for every session in Congress.

Gun violence prevention day is everyday for Chairman Hakeem Jeffries and myself.  We beg and plead, hoping enough Republicans will support any of the more than 1200 con control legislation put on the table. 

Gun violence prevention is much bigger than taking guns off the streets.  Gun violence prevention begins at birth. Poverty, mental health, substance use, unemployment, low self-esteem all contributes to gun violence.  We are working very hard to close the gap through the legislative visions such as Build Back Better.  We were fortunate to provide families with the Child Tax credit, guaranteeing families with children at least 300 dollars extra a month.  This legislation emerged from my committee.  We have done so much – and we continue to fight on.

Today, I am asking people to put down the guns on this Memorial Day.  Life is precious.  I am asking you to love one another.

If we respect the word of God, take care of the poor.  Matthew 5:44 teaches us that we are to love our enemies. In Matthew 22:37-38 say the greatest commandment of Jesus is that we are to have a love for the Lord God with all our heart. In Mark 12:31, Jesus taught us to have a love for our neighbor as for ourselves.  We will thrive as a church community, as a families, as a nation.

I want to welcome my good friend and colleague Congressman Hakeem Jeffries.   We might as say that Chairman Jeffries is like us.  He was born in Brooklyn Hospital – Cook County Hospital.  Raised in Crown Heights.  He attended New York’s Public School System, Chicago Public schools.  He was the chief sponsor of the First Step Act.  I was the Chief Sponsor of the Second Chance Act.  He is a rising star in the Democratic Party and I am extremely glad he is here with us.

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