Ranking Member, House Ways and Means Sub-committee on Worker and Family Support

Member, Sub-Committee on Health



Congressman Danny K. Davis is in Washington, DC serving the people of the 7th Congressional District. He is interested in fighting back the Republican efforts to turn back the progress the United States has made under the leadership of the Democratic Congress and President Joe Biden. He will continue to spend his time winning back the U. S. House, maintaining the U. S. Senate and the White House.


Davis thanked Leader Hakeem Jeffries, Governor JB Pritzker, former Governor Pat Quinn, Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle, and the following faith leaders representing Quinn AME Church and AME officials for their endorsements:


Davis is a senior Member on the influential Ways and Means Committee, and Ranking Member of the Worker and Family Support subcommittee, and a Member on Health; he was the original sponsor of the Second Chance Act, which granted over 1 billion dollars of needed resources to individuals hoping to reintegrate back into the community successfully. Along with bipartisan support, he created the policy to ensure that the U. S. supports black maternal health, by increasing the budget by 800 million over 5 years. He helped develop the New Markets legislation, fought for appropriations for the unemployed, pilot diversity, technology access, and many other legislative and programmatic endeavors.


Under his leadership, the child tax credit emerged from the committee he chaired, which reduced poverty in the 7th Congressional District and nationwide. 


Davis has a substantial voting record by voting over 15,500 times in the U.S. House of Representatives, sponsored 355 bills and 9 became laws, cosponsored over 6737 bills and 252 became laws, and was the original cosponsor of 2843 bills, and 110 became laws.

Davis is proud to note that since his election as a Member of Congress in the 7th Congressional District:

·         poverty has decreased

·         health insured has increased

·         residents are making more money

·         more people are working


Congressman Danny K. Davis continues to highly score 100% or an A+ for many advocacy organizations regarding impactful issues such as the Human Rights Campaign, Civil Rights, Education, Labor Womens’ Rights, Environment, Older Americans, Children, Animal Rights, Working Families, Social Security, Progressive Causes, Peace and Diplomacy, Immigration groups.


He is supported by a diversity of labor unions, including SEIU COPE, the American Federation of Teachers, the Amalgamated Teacher’s Union, AFSCME, the Regional Council of Carpenters, the Airline Pilots Association, United Auto Workers, SMART, and more to come.



Civil Rights 100%

Leadership Conference for Human and Civil Rights

Education 100%

*National Education Association

Labor 100%


Women 100%

Federally Employed Women (in the Workplace)

Planned Parenthood (Reproductive Rights)

American Association of University Women (Voting Rights for Women)

NARAL (pro-choice America)

 Environment 96% - 100%

League of Conservation Voters (the earth is worth fighting for)

Vote Climate U. S. A. PAC Fossil Fuels (H.R. 3671)

Older Americans 100%

National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare

Alliance for Retired Americans (Lifetime score 100%)

Children 100%

*First Focus Campaign for Children “Champion”

Human Rights 97%-100%

Human Rights Campaign and the Leadership Conference for Human and Civil Rights

Animals 100%

The Humane Society

Civil Liberties 100%

American Civil Liberties Union

Progressive 99%

Progressive Punch (Leading from the Left)

Working Families 100%

Communications Workers of America & Community Change Action

Social Security/Medicare 100%

National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare

Peace and Diplomacy 100%

*NIAC Council 

Immigration 100%

*NIAC Council  & League of  United Latin American Citizens (last scorecard)

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