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Congressman Davis and Rep. Camille Lilly join the Drews at a campaign event in Oak Park.
Congressman Danny K. Davis
Congressman Davis joins Rev. Jesse Jackson, Congressman Bobby Rush, Alderman David Orr and protesters.



Welcome to the official website of Congressman Danny K. Davis, a dedicated public servant, community leader, and advocate for equity and progress. This platform offers insight into Congressman Davis's remarkable journey, unwavering commitment to serving his constituents, and the impactful work he continues to champion in Congress.

About Congressman Danny K. Davis:
Congressman Danny K. Davis proudly represents the 7th Congressional District of Illinois, encompassing a diverse and vibrant community in the heart of the state. With a career spanning over four decades in public service, Congressman Davis has earned a reputation as a principled leader, dedicated to advancing the interests of the people he serves.

A Legacy of Service:
From his early days as a community organizer to his tenure in the Illinois General Assembly and his current service in the United States House of Representatives, Congressman Davis has been a tireless advocate for social justice, economic empowerment, and civil rights. His steadfast dedication to uplifting marginalized communities and addressing systemic inequalities has been the cornerstone of his legislative agenda.

Key Priorities:
Throughout his tenure in Congress, Congressman Davis has been a leading voice on a wide range of issues, including healthcare reform, criminal justice reform, affordable housing, education, and economic development. He has fought tirelessly to expand access to quality healthcare, promote criminal justice reforms that prioritize rehabilitation over incarceration, and create opportunities for economic advancement for all Americans.

Community Engagement:
Congressman Davis understands the importance of grassroots activism and community engagement in driving meaningful change. He remains deeply connected to the residents of the 7th Congressional District, regularly hosting town hall meetings, community forums, and constituent outreach events to ensure that their voices are heard in Washington.

Join the Movement:
As we navigate the challenges of the 21st century, Congressman Danny K. Davis remains committed to building a more just, equitable, and inclusive society for all. Join us in supporting his vision for a better America and together, let's work towards a brighter future for generations to come.

Stay Connected:
Stay informed about Congressman Davis's latest initiatives, upcoming events, and ways to get involved by signing up for our newsletter and following us on social media.

Thank you for visiting Congressman Danny K. Davis's website. Together, let's continue to build a brighter future for our communities and our nation.

Congressman Danny K. Davis
Congressman Danny K. Davis endorsed by Illinois Legislators Yolanda Morris and State Senator Lakesia Collins

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