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Chicago - Congressman Danny K. Davis thanked Speaker Emerita Nancy Pelosi for the endorsement and for supporting his campaign (the video link is below).  Davis said,


"I am deeply honored and grateful to receive the endorsement of Speaker Emerita Nancy Pelosi in my re-election campaign for the 7th District of Illinois. Speaker Pelosi's support is a testament to our shared commitment to serving the people and communities of Illinois with integrity and dedication. I am humbled by her confidence in my leadership and look forward to continuing our work together to make a positive difference for the residents of the 7th District and beyond. Thank you, Speaker Pelosi, for your endorsement and continued partnership."


Here is the link to Speaker Emerita Nancy Pelosi’ Endorsement:


Here is the transcript:

This is Speaker Emerita Nancy Pelosi urging you to vote for Congressman Danny Davis on March 19th.  Everything is at stake in this election: health care, women’s rights, voting rights, civil rights and Democracy itself are all at stake. 


We need to make sure that Democrats take back our House Majority and that experienced Democratic Representatives like Danny are at the helm to do the people’s work. 


Congressman Davis is the top Democrat on the Ways and Means Subcommittee on Worker and Family Support.  He advocates for our House Democrats and for your priorities – championing the issues that provide a better quality of life for America’s working families.


His work and support for women’s issues and fundamental freedoms have been recognized by Planned Parenthood; Reproductive Freedom for All, formerly NARAL Pro-Choice America; AFL-CIO; and Federally Employed Women.  

Under Danny’s leadership billions of federal dollars have been sent to the 7th Congressional district:


§  to address the scourges of domestic violence and gun violence,

§  to invest in programs to care for seniors and persons with disabilities

§  to fund local schools and community health centers For The Children and so much more. 


Congressman Davis is also committed to making sure that the earned benefits of America’s retirees and veterans are protected from Republican attempts to cut Social Security, Medicare and veterans’ funding in order to give tax breaks to wealthy people and major corporations.


This is Speaker Emerita Nancy Pelosi reaffirming to you that Congressman Danny K. Davis works hard and delivers for Illinois’ working families.  Vote for Danny Davis on March 19th!






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