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In Chicago today, there is no one alive today that has done more to address health issues faced by people of color than Congressman Danny K. Davis His legislative agenda and successes cut across all races and demographics. They include: Earliest proponent of removing lead from gasoline and paint, issues surrounding environmental degredation, robust increase in the production of health professionals, exemplary services on the powerful ways and means committee, establishment of Community Health Centers, Federally Qualified Health Centers....the list goes on. He is energetic put hours everyday for Chicago residents. No Broke No fix — Shaffdeen Amuwo
RTD. Professor and Dean

Keep up the wonderful work you have my support — Roslyn ANDERSON

I endorse Danny K. Davis for Congressman — Cassandra Benford

Sr.Pastor / Executive Director

I’ve supported Danny K Davis every time he has ran to be the 7th Congressional District Congressman, and I stand with him in the 2024 Re-Election. TO GOD BE THE GLORY!! — Wallace Gator Bradley
Urban Translator/ Political Consultant

Congressman Davis is a Congressman for the people. He leads us with integrity and fortitude. I wholeheartedly endorse Congressman Davis for re-election. — Dorothy Brown Cook
Clerk of the Circuit Court of Cook County, Retired

Congressman Davis is an OUTSTANDING Leader in our community. And his sacrifice of love CAN NOT and WILL NOT go unnoticed. — Arnettra Burnside -Barber

Congressman Davis, “The Gentleman From Illinois”. All of His Constituency. — Karen Calhoun
Womanist Theologian

Greatest advocate and policy maker in country for marginalized populations — Wilbert Cook

I'm Endoring Congressman Danny K Davis because he has always been there for US his constituents. Never leaving us to question where his heart or loyalty is. There is no doubt in my mind we are well represented in Washington. His voice resonate Power and Strength for people rights and justice. I commend his efforts to keep fighting for Re-entry men in women so they can have a second chance at life. We MUST stand with Congressman Danny K Davis because he has Always stood with US. — Deborah Cosey-Lane

Congressman Danny K Davis is truly a Champion and servant of The People. — Algie Crivens III

He is experienced, ethical, effective, intelligent and has brought much revenue to the state. He has passed legislation that impacted many lives in a positive way. He stays close to his constituents and represents them well. — Vera Davis

I fully Endorse Congressman Davis!! — Dennis Deer

Dedicated, compassionate, and tirelessly devoted to serving our community, Congressman Danny K. Davis leads with integrity and a genuine commitment to improving lives. Proud to stand with him for a brighter tomorrow. — Scott Drews

I, Diana Graham would like to Endorse Danny K Davis for Congressman of the 7th Congressional District. — Diana Graham
Block Club President

Frances Haggins — Frances M Haggins
Min. Frances Haggins

Frances Haggins — Frances M Haggins
Min. Frances Haggins

I absolutely stand behind Mr Danny Davis — Nicole Hall

I would like to endorse Congressman Danny Davis to continue on with the good work of representing the people in the house of Congress — Beverly Harris

I endorse Danny K. Davis — Latoya Harris Pickens

Congressman Danny K. Davis is a Hardworking, Dedicated, Compassionate, Concerned for our Citizens, Works hard as a Serviceman serving the citizens of State of Illinois. — Katherine Harvey-Stevenson
Business Manager

I endorse Congressman Davis for re-election. — Rory Hoskins

I endorse Congressman Danny K. Davis, for Congressman. 🦋🐆TJ — Theresa (TJ) Hughes

Please list me as endorsing Congressman Danny Davis for Re-Election of the 7th District — Mattie Hunter
State Senator

Congressman Davis is the only choice for our district that has a proven track record of advocating for fair distribution of resources, standing up for communities of color and leading with integrity. — Kimberlie Jackson
Managing Director

You have my full support! — Brenda Johns
Medical Support

I will keep you informed of all upcoming events for CTU. — Carolyn Johnson

You have given information for different programs that is helpful to people in the community to improve their lives & and offered educational advice to encourage people to improve their lives — Mary Ellen Johnson

I give my endorsement to the Honorable Congressman of the 7th District, Danny K. Davis! — Nina Johnson

Any I can do for my Congressman. He is always their for his constituents and the working class!! He has our support!! — Mack i. Julion
Asst. Secretary Treasurer NALC/ Past President NALC Chicago

Loretta Kern — Loretta Kern

As a nonprofit i cannot endorse but as a citizen I admire and honor Congressman Davis and will give my energy to ensure his reelection — Sharon Sy Lewis
Founder/Executive Director

I State Representative Camille Y. Lilly endorses and support Congressman Danny K. Davis Re-election and look forward to our continued work!!! — Camille Lilly
State Rep Camille Y. Lilly

Let's not move the old landmark which is there for a good reason. Congressman Danny K Davis must remain in Office for the great good of our community and nation. He has my unqualified support. We must respect the guidance and power of this elder landmark, and Black statesman. Peace. Gospelizer Dr Walter Arthur McCray — Walter McCray
Gospelizer Dr

I endorse Congressman Danny Davis my name is Clifton McFowler and I endorse Congressman Danny Davis — Clifton McFowler
Outreach/community activist

I endorse Congressman Danny Davis — Clifton McFowler
Outreach/community activist

Congressman Danny Davis is committed to the 7th District and works exceptionally hard to understand the concerns and needs of our communities. He leads in Congress to make substantial progress for Illinois families and businesses. We’re fortunate to have Congressman Davis serving on our behalf in Illinois and I’m proud to endorse him for re-election to Congress. — Michelle Melin-Rogovin
Commissioner, Village of Forest Park

Yes I am endorsing Congressman Danny Davis Campaign for 2024 — Dr. Cherli Montgomery

I encourage your support of 7th Congressional District Congressman Danny K. Davis as he continues to address the interests of the State of Illinois and the United States of America. Your support ensures the continued contributions of a man who has dedicated his life to improving the lives of those who represent the cross-section of every facet of our community. Sincerely, Presiding Elder James Moody African Methodist Episcopal Church — James Moody

Stephanie Y Moore — Stephanie Moore

If you are looking for a honest man to deliver policies that make people’s lives better, look no further than the Honorable Congressman Danny K Davis — Dr. Fred L Nance Jr
CEO & Program Director

My family and friends are supportive of Representative Davis — Larry Neuman

Congressman Danny Davis, Your dedication to the service of our people and America at large is praiseworthy. Keep up with the great job! Fred — Fred Ngwa
Retired Teacher

Danny Davis is a true leader. — Hon. David Orr

Danny Davis is a staple in this community and this country, and we need more Danny’s to stand up for us in DC. Congressman Davis is a just and honorable man, and the world needs more of him. — David Parrish

I endorse Congressman Danny K Davis for re-election as our 7 th Congressional District Congressman for his proven leadership over the last two decades and more. — Dr Vijay Prabhakar
President, Gandhi King Center For Non Violence NFP

.We are in extreme times, locally, regionally and nationally. How unwise it would it be to think inexperience will lead us through them. — Alex Roseborough
Executive Director

I am honored to make this endorsement of Congressman Danny K. Davis, who is one of the finest public officials to ever hold office in the state of Illinois. I have known Congressman Davis for more than twenty years and am very familiar with the extent of his successful progressive work on behalf of his constituents. The citizens of Chicago are indeed fortunate to have him representing us. I wish Congressman Danny Davis continued success in his important endeavors. Ruby C. Schucker — Ruby Schucker
Fundraising Consultant

I highly endorse Danny Davis for the upcoming election! — Dolorez Shepherd


He has served our community well and we need him in Washington more now then ever — Joseph Tamburino
Mayor Village of Hillside

Nevanda Taylor — Nevanda Taylor

I am so happy to have Congressman Danny Davis as my representative in Congress. Please keep a true and honest man fighting for the rights of all mankind. — Elizabeth Triplett

I endorse Congressman Danny K Davis for Congress due to his continued service and support to our community. He has worked tirelessly to bring needed services to our underserved community and sponsored congressional bills that supported the betterment of communities across the United States. — Regina Underwood

I have known the Honorable Dr. Danny K Davis since he was an Alderman for the City of Chicago’s west side community. He has tirelessly worked to ensure those seeking justice, wanting to secure employment or business understand how to navigate government processes. He has fed the hungry, often from his personal pocket and worked with a diverse coalition of individuals guiding them for successful project outcomes. Most importantly, he believes in the power of prayer and begins each endeavor or event sharing the importance of taking everything to God to lead us. — Sheila Wesonga

Count Me In! — George Williams

Count Me In! — George Williams

I Endorse Mr Danny K Davis as senator of Il — Retha E Williams

Danny, good luck, my old friend. — Jack Wuest
Executive Director

My family unequivocally support and endorse Danny K Davis for 7th District Congress. Congressman Davis stella record of achievements and service to all residents in one of a melting pot district in the country. — Howsrd zlathan
Associate Executive Director
Andrea Abrams
Rotina Adams
Torria Brown
Velda Brunner
Beverly Buick
Karen Calhoun
Eric Copeland
Brad Cummings
Don Doty
Evelyn Drews
Mildred DuBose
Anne Farrell
Brenda Fields
La Shawn K Ford
State Representative
Artina Graves
Percy Halbert
Program Manager
Elisa Hankins
Darren Henry
Shari Hoffman
Michael Holmes
Executive Director
Marvin Hunter
Larry Jackson
House Leader Hakeem Jeffiries
US House of Representatives Leader
JoAnn Johnson
Oddis O.J Johnson
CEO of United Front Anti-crime & Voters For changes coalition of Illinois.
Catherine Jones
Douglass Academy High School LSC Community Rep
The Honorable Emil Jones Jr
Blanche Killingsworth
Carl King
Renee Kinnard
Elizabeth Lathan
Louada Lee
LunYe Marsh
La Rue Martin Jr
Lemar maury
Chief McCoy
Fred McGee
Entertainer Singer
Adrienne Montgomery
Gerard Moorer
Abraham Morgan
Carol Moseley Braun
CEO Cmbraun cirp
Robbie Moultrie
Ms. Mullin
John Nellis
Operating engineer
Cassandra Norman
Rose Parker
Tonya Paul
Governor JB Pritzer
Governor of Illinois
Sreenivas Reddy
Jacqueline Reed
Charles Richardson
Annette Robinson
Lamont Robinson
June Rodgers Calhoun
Paulette Rogers
Josephine Rush
Graham Shabino
Larry Shapiro
Ava Shelby
Dolorez Shepherd
Dolorez Shepherd
Dolorez Shepherd
Geraldine Siverand
James T. Smith
Dawn Spencer
John Steele
Retired appellate court judge
Vivian Stewart Tyler
Allen Survillion
President of urban Fields operation
Joseph Tamburino
Mayor Village of Hillside
Shirley Taylor
Clarence Thomas
Proviso Township Trustee
Montgomery Thomas
Alfred Thrasher
Alfred Thrasher
Belvon Walker
Donna Warren
Eli Washington
Leo Webster
Robert Weissbourd
Michael Whitelaw
James Williams
Assi Pastor
John Windham
Audrey Woodley
Kevin Woods
Tiffney M Alexander
Mx. Tiffney M Alexander
Ericka Bass
Clarence Bellinger
Jay Da DJ
Sheila Blackshire
Geraldine Blair
Nathaniel Booker
Mayor of Maywood, IL
Tumia Romero

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