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Congressman Danny K. Davis on Women and Children


$1,190,080,936 Billion

Federal Funding for Children Programming including Headstart, Substance Use and Runaway Programs, over the last 9 years. (Source:  TAGGS U. S. Department of HHS)

As Ranking Member of the Sub-Committee on Worker and Family Support in Ways and Means, I am seriously proud of our work on behalf of children, families, and workers. Unfortunately, poverty continues to be a severe problem in the United States and in the 7th Congressional District.  While the Child Tax Credit has relieved many families from the monthly ills of poverty, the funding received $131,148,197 by social services agencies will continue to help families. 

Organizations such as Proviso Leyden Council for Community Actions, Inc., YWCA Metropolitan Chicago, Henry Booth House, Easter Seals, Heartland Alliance, Loretto Hospital, and others.  The grants awarded are for head start programs, healthcare services, mental health initiatives, and social programs, among other grants.  This year alone, the United States Department of Health and Human Services has or will award $925,178,823 in grants to 62 organizations in the 7th Congressional District of Illinois.  For additional information on my legislation in the  U. S. House of Representation, go to

I am committed to working to overcome violence in our communities and in our homes.  For example, over the past nine years, $1,324,442,825 dollars in grants were allocated for programs in the 7th congressional district to overcome violence.

As reported by the U. S. Department of Health and Human Services, these programs combat human trafficking, torture victims, family violence prevention services, protection and advocacy, education and prevention grants to reduce sexual assault.

Colleges and  Universities in the 7th Congressional District received 1,3006,947,783.33 billion in 721 grants for education, COVID Stabilization, research, technology, the Trio Program, and other services for students.  A few beneficiaries include Malcolm X College, Northwestern University, DePaul University, Loyola University, Harold Washington College, Rush University Medical Center,  National Louis University, and the University of Illinois at Chicago.






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